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Männer wichsen, Kerle wixen, Gruppen wichsen, masturbieren, Selbstbefriedigung, wanking, jack off, jo, jack,


jack off key words


ich liebe meinen Penis





key words for jack off party


  • wichsen

  • wixen

  • masturbieren

  • Selbstbefriedigung

  • melken

  • abspritzen

  • Kerle abmelken

  • Zwangsmelken

  • Wichs Party

  • Wichs Session

  • Gruppenwichsen

  • Gruppenwixen

  • Hetero Männer

  • Hetro Kerle

  • gay

  • Bi-Kerle

  • Bi-Männer

  • schwul

  • bisexuell

  • Wichs Orgie

  • Männer Orgie

  • jack off

  • jo

  • wanking

  • masturbating

  • jacks

  • cocks

  • pricks

  • penis

  • balls

  • nuts

  • low hangers

  • Schwanz

  • Pisser




bator / masturbator


bator is a part of masturbator used in the online world to describe a guy masturbating.





jack off / jerking off


Its a littele confusin, but both jerking off as jacking off means mastubation, read here





jack off buddy

male with whom another male masturbates. Can either masturbate next to jack off buddy, or give him a helping hand with the favor being returned. Good way to relieve stress.







Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one's own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm. The stimulation may involve hands, fingers, everyday objects, sex toys or combinations of these.

Mutual masturbation (mutual manual stimulation of the genitals between partners) can be a substitute for sexual penetration.

Studies have found that masturbation is frequent in humans of both sexes and all ages, although there is variation. Various medical and psychological benefits have been attributed to a healthy attitude toward sexual activity in general and to masturbation in particular. No causal relationship is known between masturbation and any form of mental or physical disorder.


All the (funny) slang words for masturbation: bashing the candle, Bleeding the weasel, bleeding the weed, buffing the banana, bopping the baloney, burping the worm, choking the chicken, cleaning your rifle, corking the bat, cranking the shank, cuffing the carrot, fisting your mister, flogging your dog, flogging the frog, flogging the hog, flogging the log, flute solo, jerkin 'the gherkin, looping the mule, manual override, painting the pickle, pocket pinball, pocket pool, polishing the banister, polishing the rocket, pounding your flounder, pumping the python, roping the pony, spanking the monkey, teasing the weasel, tossing the turkey, walking the dog, whipping the willy, working your cronker, yanking the crank.






the main male genital.


synonymes: phallus, cock, dick, knob, pecker, peter, prick, putz, shaft tool, johnson, manhood, schlong, willy,


ankle spanker, baby-arm, beaver basher, bed snake, best friend, blue-vein sausage, penis sangbo nam rod, baby-maker, bell on a pole, beef whistle, boomstick, burrito, bishop, bratwurst, braciole, candle, captain, choad, chopper, cock, cranny axe, cum gun, custard launcher, dagger deep-V diver, dick, dickie, ding dong mcdork. dingus, disco stick, dog head, drum stick, dong, donger, dork, dude piston, dragon, eggroll, Easy Rider, Excalibur, fang, ferret, flesh flute, flesh tower, foto, fire hose, fuck rod, fuck stick, fudge sickle, fun stick, groin ferret, giggle stick, goofy goober, hairy hotdog, heat-seeking moisture missile, helmet head, hose, hog, jackhammer, Jimmy
John, Johnson, John Thomas (dated), joystick, kickstand, king sebastian, knob, krull, the warrior king, lap rocket, leaky hose, lingam, little Alex, little Bob, little Elvis, lizard (as in "drain the..."), longfellow, love muscle, love rod, love stick, love whistle, luigi, manhood, man umbrella, meat popsicle, meat stick, meat sword, meat injection, member, meter long king kong dong, microphone, middle stump, mushroom head, mutton, netherrod, old boy, old fellow, old man, one-eyed anaconda, one-eyed trouser-snake (Australia, UK), one-eyed monster, one-eyed wonder weasel, one-eyed wonder worm, one-eyed yogurt slinger, pecker, Pedro peepee (children's term), Percy, peter, Pied Piper, Pig skin bus, pink oboe. pink, torpedo, piss weasle, piston, plug, pnor, poinswatter, pork sword, prick, princess, sophia, private eye, private part, purple-helmeted warrior of love, purple-headed, yogurt flinger, quiver bone, rod, rod of pleasure, roundhead, sausage, sebastianic, sword, schlong, schlong dongadoodle, schmuck, shmuck (Yiddish), schnitzel, schwarz, sea monster (as in "drain the..."), shaft, short arm, single serving soup dispenser, skin flute, soldier, spawn hammer, stick shift, sub, surfboard, Tallywhacker, Tan Bannana, tassle, third leg, thumper, thunderbird 3, thundersword, tinker, todger (Australia, UK), tonk, tool, trouser snake, tubesteak, twig (& berries), twinkie, uncle dick, vein, wand, wang, wang doodle ,wanger ,wedding tackle, wee wee, whoopie stick, wiener, Wiener Schnitzel, wick, willy (children's term), wing dang, doodle, winkie (children's term), yingyang, yogurt gun, diddle







slang synonym for penis




wank / wanking

to grip your hand around your penis and pull up and down in order to cause an ejaculation














Latte in der Unterhose


Swiss Bator Party is the club for often and lustful masturbating men

Beefy muscular men with a great desire to jack off in a group of like minded hot men are invited to join the club.
We don't care if you are bisexual, hetero or gay, just be a real man who loves to wank with other hot guys. It's all about being watched and watching other dudes jacking their meat. If this is one of your fantasies, you are at the right place.




SwissBators ist der Club für oft und gerne masturbierende Männer
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bisexual.ZurichJacks.party, bisexuell.ZurichJacks.party, dudes.ZurichJacks.party, gay.ZurichJacks.party, guys.ZurichJacks.party, hetero.ZurichJacks.party, kerle.ZurichJacks.party, maenner.ZurichJacks.party, men.ZurichJacks.party,
milking -  sexually very active men into jerk off fights   Europe - jack of groups    Swiss jack off group - SwissBator.PARTY   SwissBator.PARTY the club for group masturbating men    jack off group, wank party, jo party, jack off party, men orgie, jack off, jo, wanking, masturbating, jacks, guys, dudes masturbationg, lads wanking, dudes party

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