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BearMilking.com - sexually very active men into jerk off fights.


new members


BearMilking.com - sexually very active men into jerk off fights.






memebr request - Club SwissBator.party

Naturally masculine hairy and beefy dudes, please come to the first line. But even more important is a strong masculine charisma and great passion for wanking in a group with other hot like minded men.

To request a membership you will need to know one of the existing members. This member has to propose you as a new member.

Requesters have to name the existing member they know i their email to the club administrator. Please send with your email the requested 4 pictures of YOU.

- face picture
- full body picture nude
- photo of YOUR cock soft
- hard cock picture of YOUR meat

Other information to send in with your email:

- name of the existing member you know
- your real full name
- age
- Address
- email address
- wanking frequency per day or week
- your answer to the question "why should we accept you as new member"?

Don't worry, your personal data as address, email  and your family name will be seen ONLY by the club administrator.

In the member section, visible only for existing members your photos, your first name and your wanking frequency will be visible for existing members only.

Receiving your request, the club administrator will ask the existing members if they want to accept you as a new member by email. If two thirds are voting for you, you will get full member ship and access to the member area of this site. And of course you will get an invitation for our next jack off party.
We are looking forward to wank with you.



>>>   dein Antrag per Email, klick hier   <<<



Platznot in der Unterhose


Swiss Bator Party is the club for often and lustful masturbating men

Beefy muscular men with a great desire to jack off in a group of like minded hot men are invited to join the club.
We don't care if you are bisexual, hetero or gay, just be a real man who loves to wank with other hot guys. It's all about being watched and watching other dudes jacking their meat. If this is one of your fantasies, you are at the right place.

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